Rasquera is situated in a spectacular landscape. With the River Ebro cutting through the nearby mountains, the Templar Castle at Miravet is a particularly stunning scene.
Rasquera is just 25 kilometres from the beautiful Costa Dorada, 30 kilometres from the city of Tortosa and 150 kilometres from Barcelona.

The first is the name Rasquera is documented in 1153. Rasquera is located at 176 meters above sea level, covers an area of 50.93 km2. It is a small cozy village with about 900 habitants, located on a hill into a valley surrounded by many marvelous mountains.

You can reach the village in 3 ways:

1.By Bike - or on foot trekking tours.
2.By Car- its 178 km from Barcelona with or without High way taxes, or the national road.
3. By Train- from Station Franca, Passeo de Gracia or Santz in Barcelona to Station 'Mora la Nova' or 'Ametlla del mar'. Important to know, make sure we have your travel times communicated because from the station by car its 15 km from Rasquera.

We will pick you up. There is a local bus but taxi is hard to find in this area